100 km/h approval for car trailers

Car-trailer combinations on motorways and motor roads

If you want to start fast on vacation with your car-trailer combination , you should decide for a tempo-100-approval.

With this authorization, you are allows do drive up to 100 km/h instead of the usual 80 km/h on highways and motorways. But beware: Even if a trailer is admitted through the registration papers for 100 km/h, the towing vehicle must also meet certain conditions.

Technical requirements for driving a 100 km/h trailer combination

  • Your car is equipped with ABS
  • The maximum authorized mass of your car is not more than 3500 kg
  • The trailer is designed for a maximum speed of 100 km/h
  • The trailer tires are designed for 120 km / h and have at least the speed index L
  • The tires are less than six years old
  • You must follow certain mass ratios between the trailer and towing vehicle
  • Loading the trailer so that the maximum vertical load of the combination is approached. Note that you do not exceed the permissible maximum vertical load of the vehicle nor the trailer. Reason: An optimized vertical load improves the driving behavior of your combination significantly.

Watch your weight

The maximum authorized mass of the trailer must not exceed any of the following three values:
  • the permissible trailer load of the towing vehicle
  • the maximum authorized mass of the towing vehicle
  • the product of X * empty-weight of the towing vehicle
For the X factor, depending on the technical equipment of the combination must be:
Trailer without hydraulic shock: X Factor = 0.3
Trailers with brakes and hydraulic shock absorbers: Factor X = 1.1 and 1.2*

With "*" marked values may be claimed if:
  • the trailer is fitted with a suitable coupling with stabilizer or
  • the trailer is fitted with a suitable dynamic driving stability system or
  • the towing vehicle is fitted with a suitable dynamic driving stability system for towing trailers (confirmed by the registration certificate)
If you found this legislation seems a bit complicated, we can advise you by phone.


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