Numerous accidents have proved in the past that inadequate cargo securing lead to serious accidents. According to the Association of the German insurance industry, the damage due to improper and inadequate cargo securing amounted last year to about 200-300 million euros.

Furthermore § 23 StVO states the responsibility of the driver for securing the load.

We give you some tips to help you bring your cargo to its destination safely.
  • Fix lashing diagonally to oppose the braking and acceleration effect. There are numerous fittings for lashing on our trailers.
  • Fix lashing in front and back of your payload athwart to driving diretion. Also try to lash the back of your load diagonally.
  • Only use straps that are certified by TÜV or are labled: geprüfte Sicherheit, DIN EN12195-2.
  • Check lashing severals times during the trip.


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Today we are able to fill another costumer with enthusiasm by delivering a trailer for a skid loader. Besides the area for the skid loader the vehicle also posseses some storage space for additional working equipment.
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