How do I secure my boat on the trailer? Which driving license do I need to transport my boat? These and other questions we want to answer here in service. (Beware: most of these information are only applicable to Germany or Europe!)

Driving license BE
Which trailers can i transport with the license category BE?

100 Km/h approval
What is important to get a trailer for a 100 km / h approval?

Pin assignment of plugs for trailers
Which pin assignments do different plugs for conneting trailers to cars have?

How do I secure my boat on the trailer?


Start of season
Did your vehicle suffer during the winter? Benefit from our spare and repair parts sevice!
Customized manufacturing
trailer for skid loader
Today we are able to fill another costumer with enthusiasm by delivering a trailer for a skid loader. Besides the area for the skid loader the vehicle also posseses some storage space for additional working equipment.
Customized products
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