Our company is located in North Germany and is specialized in the manufacturing and commercialization of high-quality trailers.

Beside our standard assortment which includes trailers for boat and commercial vehicle transportation, we also realize individual customer wishes. Planning, preparation and production are carried out from one source, which is the reason why complex constructions can be deliverd competently, promptly and low priced.


Product quality

The employees of "Bunnefeld Anhängerbau" are very important acpect for the high quality of our products. Every vehicle is manufactured by experienced and flexible architectural metal workers with over 25 years of work experience.

In addition to our own construction office we are teaming up with the construction office Bunnefeld GmbH as a competent partner for individual customer optimized construction works and static calculations.

For guaranteeing high quality, our vehicles are certified by TÜV Nord and tested through an ambitious quality check. That way, vehicle dynamics and function are tested accurately.

The high durability of our products is reached through high qualitive coating like galvanizing, powder-coating and duplex-coating.

Generally, we issue a 2 year warranty for all vehicles which are produced by our company.



Start of season
Did your vehicle suffer during the winter? Benefit from our spare and repair parts sevice!
Customized manufacturing
trailer for skid loader
Today we are able to fill another costumer with enthusiasm by delivering a trailer for a skid loader. Besides the area for the skid loader the vehicle also posseses some storage space for additional working equipment.
Customized products
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